2012 Disappointment: ‘Les Miserables’

Les Miserables

I dreamed a dream‘ about a musical with Catwoman bellowing out this ballad:

There was a time when a Wolverine was kind
When his voice was soft
And his words conniving…
There was a time when Gladiator died
And the movie was a song
And the song was excruciating
There was a time…
Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When Oscar hope was high
And a film worth rating
I dreamed that Anne would never die
I dreamed that credits would be appearing
When I was typing and unafraid
And stars were made and used and wasted
There was no pre-rehearsal to be paid
No song unsung, no wine, untasted

But the Soldiers come at night
With their cannons loud as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

I slept a lot with Kiki (wife) by my side
I filled my mind with endless wonder
I took my reviewer duties in stride
But I was gone when Russell Crowe sang!

I had a dream this movie would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different from what it seemed…
Now Hugh Jackman has killed the dream I dreamed.

Grade: C+

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