80’s Rock – ‘Ricki and The Flash’ trailer

Look, maybe I’m excited for this movie because of the music. After all, there is a reason my Sirius XM Satellite radio subscription exists–to receive one channel—> ’80s Pop Hits (“80s on 8”).  Or perhaps I’m anxious to see this film because Meryl Streep stars as the aging rocker.  As one of only 6 people in Hollywood to earn three Academy Awards for acting (including nineteen Oscar nominations–Yes, you read that correctly), the 65-year old Streep is to film making what the Grand Canyon is to National Parks.

RickiFor this upcoming “Ricki and The Flash” film, the perfectionist in Streep wanted to learn to play the guitar.  Thus, the director and producers patiently halted filming and production until Streep finished her immersion into the musical instrument.  Lots of exceptional talent are involved in this com-dram.  The movie’s director, Academy Award winner Jonathan Demme (for 1991’s “Silence of the Lambs”) teams up with Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody.  In fact, Cody’s screenplay is based upon her mother’s side job as a front singer as Cody grew up.  The end result of this terrific cast and crew comes out in early August.

A couple of quick notes before you watch the trailer.  First, the daughter of Streep’s character in this film is actually played by Meryl’s real-life child, Mamie Gummer.   This marks the third film that mother-daughter have appeared in a movie together.  Secondly, those with a keen eye will notice it’s 1980’s rocker Rick Springfield playing lead guitarist for “Ricki and The Flash”.


The film’s money quote:  “It really doesn’t matter if the kids love you or not.  It’s not their job to love you.  It’s your job to love them.”

Hits movie theaters on August 7th.

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