Checkmate: ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ trailer

Based upon the true story of American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, Pawn Sacrifice follows the life of the world’s youngest grandmaster and future champion.  It also marks another Cold War film that appears like throwback to a Ronald Reagan political campaign ad from 1980.

Academy Award-winning director Edward Zwick (for Shakespeare in Love in 1998) teams up with brilliant writer Steven Knight (from last year’s The Hundred-Foot Journey) to give us a good old-fashion, red-white-and-blue war of perception against the evil Soviet Union.

Most of us can remember the U.S. gold-medal winning hockey team’s “Miracle on Ice” during the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, NY, defeating the Russians before taking the top spot with a win over Finland.  The U.S.A. victory was a much-needed win for the entire country.  American patriotism was palpable and the Soviet Union was put on-notice once again…America was back.  I, however, don’t ever remember Fischer’s rise to the top of the strategic board game.  Perhaps, because it occurred while I was too young in 1972.

Anyways, lets take a look back to another U.S. vs. the Soviet Union confrontation:

For those of you who didn’t get enough Chess in that clip, you can look up the “Fischerandom“.

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