Chris Kyle reviews ‘American Sniper’

An interesting TIME interview from 3 years ago with the late U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, where he discusses his book, ‘American Sniper’.  His New York Times bestselling autobiography has now launched the recently released film by the same name.

Here’s what The Legend had to say about why he wrote the book–which we can construe as his take on this movie from director Clint Eastwood, starring Bradley Cooper:

“I wanted to be able to get it out about, not the sacrifices the military members make, but the sacrifices that their families have to go through.  About the single mothers now, raising the children and doing all the day-to-day house chores.  But then also, the stories of my guys who deserve to get out there.  They didn’t get the Medal of Honor, so you don’t know about them.  But they died heroes.  People should know about them”.

Now check out Clint Eastwood’s thoughts on directing the movie–and see if you think Dirty Harry cast and captured on film the vision Chris Kyle talked about three years ago.

‘American Sniper’ is released nationwide next Friday.

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Order the book ‘American Sniper’ here.

American Sniper book

RIP, Chris Kyle.

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