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Ah, Hawaii, my old stomping grounds.  Great memories of wonderful people with such a rich culture and history!

I grimace every time actors put on the military uniform for display in front of millions.  Rarely do Hollywood films and technical advisers behind-the -scenes “get it right”.  “It” being the proper wear and use of the one look that makes our servicemen and women distinct from all other forces in the world.  However, in these two and half minutes from the “Aloha” trailer below I didn’t immediately pick up on any serious uniform infractions.  Maybe I was glued to Rachel McAdams.  But I’m sure others with more combat time logged standing outside the entrances to dining facilities down range will see things much differently than I.  That’s another post for later.  Moving on…

No one does romance better than the guy who gave us 1996’s “Jerry Maguire” — Cameron Crowe.  Women still recite “You complete me” from that flick while us guys still can’t believe “the human head weighs 8 pounds”.

“Aloha” hits theaters two weekends from now.  It has all the ingredients of a sleeper blockbuster hit to me…brilliant cast led by Bradley Cooper as the Lone Wolf pursuing perhaps two hotties…McAdams and Emma Stone.  Throw in some Alec Baldwin paparazzi-like anger with the dude from “The Office” and I think we’re ready for takeoff!

Catch “Aloha” on May 29th.  It’s rated PG-13.


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