Coming Soon – ‘Southpaw’


First, lets cover the conventional wisdom of Southpaw

Out: Rapper Eminem as the boxing star.   In: Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal, facing tragedy outside the ring instead of on the streets of LA

Out: Rocky Balboa  In: Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal)

Out: Tony Horton’s P90X   In: Gyllenhaal’s 2,000 sit-ups per day and 42 hours/week workout routine

Out: Film distributor Dreamworks  In: The Weinstein Company

Out: Rachel McAdams  In: Rachel McAdams.  Come on!  It’s Rachel McAdams!


The expanded 1-minute TV trailer for Southpaw

Southpaw comes to theaters in 2 weeks (July 24) and is rated R for language throughout and some violence.

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