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  • paul schuetz says:

    are they still working on masters of the air when might we see this series come out ?

  • Scot H Herdeck says:

    Hey there Mr. King. Your reviews in the Marana News/Explorer are always a great read. I Thank you for them. I was wondering if the paper and you might have any plans to incorporate the movie times for the 3 theaters in the Explorer circulation area???? Just a thought. I can see it now like bread & butter. Hope to see it happen soon. Sincerely Scot

    • Patrick says:

      Great idea! Which three theaters would you like to see? Oro Valley’s Marketplace theater, AMC theater in the Foothills Mall and, perhaps the El Con Mall theater? Any other theaters in Marana or NW Tucson worth listing. I like El Con because they often screen movies either not seen in OV/Marana or at least a week or two beforehand.

  • Scot H Herdeck says:

    Great Idea. Have them on the same page though. From Jake, (son of Scot)

    • Patrick says:

      Scot, I think your son’s right…gotta be listed close to my movie review in the newspapers. I’ll forward these ideas to the Editor and see what the folks who do the layout think? Wouldn’t hurt to submit a Letter to the Editor and make your case there too. Appreciate the kind comments, Scot. Thanks for your readership!

  • Patrick!

    Please review the upcoming film “Wonder Woman”. I am curious about your take!


    • Patrick says:

      I’m catching the movie on Tuesday, John. I’ll let you know!

      • Hey Mr. King. Your reviews in the ExplorerNews are great! was wondering if the paper and you might have any plans to incorporate the movie times for the 3 theaters in the Explorer circulation area?

        Wonder Woman was Great! Particularly after a boring series of so-called “Block-Busters”

        Sincerely John

        • Patrick says:

          There’s been talk in the past of including Marana and OV movie times. But then we’d be leaving out Tucson theaters…which are hard to determine movie times in advance of our Wednesday newspaper addition. Thought being that great apps and websites for phones like Fandango are geared for people to find movies closest to them or expand out to further distances. Bottom line…posting movie times in newspapers has become somewhat outdated. Hope this helps and answers your question.

  • Ramsey says:

    Hi Patrick! I just watched your #1 Oscar Moment, which I had never seen before, and I really enjoyed it! I think it will impact the rest of my day, and maybe even the rest of my life! Thanks for all the great reviews and for sharing your #1 Oscar Moment!

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