Dear Sony Entertainment –

Do not release the fun-tastic comedy called ‘The Interview’ starring that guy who sawed off his own arm in 127 hours and that freak from Neighbors.

Or else.


Kim Jong Un

It appears that the computer hackers attacking Sony in recent weeks are no James Franco or Seth Rogen fans.  The group of cyber terrorists, calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, initially demanded money from Sony.  However, Variety reports that the group now may be more interested in thwarting the comedy movie “The Interview” from hitting theaters on Christmas Day.

Authorities have been investigating whether the hacker attack is in some way be connected to “The Interview,” the movie that has generated condemnation from the government of North Korea.

The message from GOP said that they “have given our clear demand to the management team of Sony, however they have refused.”

“You, SONY, & FBI, cannot find us.”


The note also included a link connected to the names of Sony Amy Pascal and Stephen Mosko.

A warning was also given to Franco’s character, the celebrity questioner Dave Skylark, to lay off Creepy Rob Lowe in the film and stick to raising chimpanzees near San Francisco.

Here’s the final trailer released for “The Interview”…

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