Despite hype, ‘Noah’ drifts into mediocrity


‘Noah‘ will be a blockbuster movie due to it’s prerelease hype and controversy.  Christian organizations will continue to point out discrepancies in the movie between the Bible’s version of ‘Noah’ and Aronofsky’s.  Regardless of the religious interpretations, the motive behind the film, or any creative liberties the director may have taken with the Biblical story, I found ‘Noah’ a dismal film with very few redeeming qualities.  The film’s lack of suspense, combined with its sluggish pace, focussed the movie’s attention solely on Noah, himself; and in a Good vs. Evil plot, the ark leader shifted his alliance between these two paradigms like his boat yawing against the flood waves.  It’s this paradox on humankind that shows an alarming, delusional Noah.  Unfortunately, a controversial Noah character does not translate into an interesting ‘Noah’ movie.

Grade: C-

‘Noah’ is Rated PG-13, Running time is 2 hours, 19 minutes.

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