DVD Alert: ‘Insomnia’ (2002)


Director Christopher Nolan film packs an all-star cast led by Al Pacino, who plays a renown LAPD detective that travels to a remote Alaskan town to help solve a death. He tries to catch the killer and some sleep…both of which elude him due to the fact it remains daylight 24 hours a day in The Last Frontier. The film’s achievement is rapport Pacino’s character builds between creeper Robin Williams, novice investigator Hilary Swank, and the epicenter of all his ills; a motel room ran by Maura Tierney. Story takes viewers deep into dark places exposing one’s soul, imperfections and mind games through Pacino’s 1,000-yard stare. A solid crime thriller to rent. Afterwards, try getting some sleep.

Grade: B+

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