DVD Movie Review: ‘Up In The Air’ (2009)

Up in the Air

“Up in the Air” has already received hype for Best Pic and glowing reviews for Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham (probably all chicks!—J/k!). Actually Clooney does a GREAT job in his role as a hatchet man who fires people at the same rate his frequent flyer miles accrue astronomical numbers.

You’ll love this movie if know the difference between a Hertz Gold card and a Hilton Honors Silver membership. Yes, this movie falls into the “Chick Flick” category but it’s definitely not a lame, Matthew McConaughey sleep-fest for 1 -hour and 49 minutes. Clooney keeps the action and fired employees moving from city to city. You’ll laugh throughout and get a few surprises in the plot line.

R-rating for a few F-bombs at the beginning of the movie, a short naked scene of costar Vera Farmiga, and some sexual innuendo via SEXT messaging.

This movie is 100% Clooney, but giving him a run for his big-screen face time is American Airlines, the subliminal best supporting actor of the movie.  So sit-back, lower your tray table and enjoy this movie ride. And feel those straps from the backpack start to get heavier and heavier into your shoulder blades.

Grade: B+

UPDATE: The movie received six Academy Award nominations, but did not win in any category. It was also the break-out movie for this star:


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