DVD Rental Recommendation: ‘Homefront’ (2013)

‘Homefront’ stars James Statham (“The Expendables” trilogy) as a former DEA agent retired into the back woods of Louisiana with his young daughter following an “incident” undercover during his last job.  Real-life martial artist Statham puts his hand-to-hand skills to use early (and often) in this action movie.

Homefront 2

James Franco wears the bad-guy role very well while Winona Ryder continues her movie death spiral following success in 2010’s  “Black Swan”.


The film’s screenplay was developed by Sylvester Stallone based off the novel by Chuck Logan.  So this movie won’t challenge anyone’s cerebrum, but it does give viewers the opportunity to watch some bad people get their arses handed to them.  And in this crazy world of evil-doers, it cleanses the palate nicely in that regard.  In fact, I’m going to tag this film under “Feel Good”.

Not a poor rental choice to kill an hour and forty minutes.  It’s available for rent at Amazon, Flixster, Netflix and iTunes.

Grade: C+

“Homefront” is Rated R.

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