Goodness: ‘Deadpool’ now available on Blu-Ray/DVD


Yesterday’s release of “Deadpool” on Blu-Ray and DVD is great news for movie lovers.  For the handful of people who still haven’t seen this outstanding film, here’s a quick, no spoiler, synopsis:

“Deadpool” is a splendid dose of humor, cartoonish violence and raunchy innuendo… I can easily call this fast-talking, smart aleck performance by People magazine’s 2010 “Sexiest Man Alive”, as Reynolds’ crowning film to date…

First-time director, Tim Miller, immediately grabs the attention of viewers from the opening credits, creating several hilarious moments which avoids any resemblance to cliché superhero starts or previous Marvel launching points.

“It’s cunning dialogue and violent delivery casts this film firmly into the deep end of the adult pool.

“…a breath of fresh filmmaking. By no means does it only take the superhero routine less traveled. It forges its own path with a simplistic but humorous jaunt, casting likeable street stars with hip, sassy tongues.”

You can read my entire “Deadpool” movie review here.

Check out Screen Junkies’ release of their Honest Trailer segment promoting the “Deadpool” Blu-Ray/DVD release–with a special cameo by Ryan Reynolds hijacking the piece in mid-video.  Hilarious…

But NSFW, so you’re warned:


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