Horror Flick Rental Recommendation: ‘Mama’ (2013)


Grab someone–anyone!–and go see this thrilling horror flick about two young girls who’ve disappeared only to be discovered in the woods after a 5-year search. The shocking scenes that follow as the girls are taken in by their uncle and his girlfriend (Zero Dark Thirty’s Jessica Chastain) provide just the right amount of raised heartbeats and uncomfortable creeps. The entire cast is phenomenal but the real standouts are Chastain’s character and the young girls. The plot started off very strong, got a bit weak towards the end, but did maintain a brisk pace until the horrific finale. This film avoids all the over-the-top blood, guts and decapitations of the Halloween and Elm Street slasher variety and restores genuine jumpiness in viewers with good old, eye-covering, scary sights and sounds…and tension that will keep you checking under your bed and inside the closet for days to come. Scary movies have a high bar to clear in needing to strike some fear while making the ordeal enjoyable at the same time; and this movie did both.

Grade: Solid B

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