Kick-off this year’s Arizona Underground Film Festival: ‘The Trolls’

trollthetrollsAttention Tucson film lovers,

Making its appearance at this week’s Arizona Underground Film Festival is a delightful and entertaining film with an imaginative and humorous underdog story to tell.


Attempting to reverse the tables on patent lawsuits, The Trolls is a delightful and entertaining film that exposes those big, old Goliath money schemers taking David’s money in a game designed to keep the little guys on the sidelines.  Austin filmmaker Lex Lybrand’s latest project maintains a blistering pace throughout that captivates viewers with a unique narrative and exceptionally delivered, well-timed comedic relief. 

An extremely well-cast ensemble is led by an amusing Rob Gagnon, who’s surrounded by an equally talented pool of supporting characters.  But it’s Lybrand’s outstanding script that really drives The Trolls.  With a terrific eye for fast-paced storytelling, Lybrand never lets a scene go on for too long or spiral off-topic. Lybrand’s succinct airtight writing combines with his razor-sharp editing skills to shape and build momentum.  Instead, audiences find a novel idea propelled by genuinely funny and intriguing personalities.  Audiences seeking a comedy with a compelling viewpoint and distinctive cast will find The Trolls a delightful and entertaining film experience.

trollthetrolls2The well-cast and richly talented performers from The Trolls.

The Trolls is Unrated, but would garner an R rating for language. It’s running time is 1 hour and 37 minutes.  Besides the movie’s appearance this week at the AZ Underground Film Festival, The Trolls can purchased in DVD at or in Blu-Ray format (limited edition) from its distributor.


Marking its 9th year, the Arizona Underground Film Festival kicks off a week of World, North American and Arizona movie premieres. Help support independent cinema and up-and-coming writers, directors, cinematographers and actors. All screenings will be held at The Screening Room theater at 127 E. Congress in downtown Tucson. Check out this link for more information on the film festival and to watch trailers.

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