**UPDATE** Ron Howard’s Moby Dick Story

***UPDATE 2***

It appears that Ron Howard’s Moby Dick high seas adventure, titled In The Heart of the Sea is still on schedule for an early December release.  The movie postponed its debut, which was going to be back in mid-March, to later in the year to capitalize on making a splash in the theaters and gin up Oscar talk.  I discussed here why studios are crowding the movie calendar in the last quarter of the year.

Benjamin Walker (from 2012’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) will portray Captain George Pollard, Jr. in this true story.  Originally slated to play the ship’s leader was Academy Award-nominated Benedict Cumberbatch, from last year’s The Imitation Game.  But I’m guessing Cumberbatch was scratched from the film after he developed and installed a mathematical machine aboard the ship Essex, that spit out calculated equations to avoid large sperm whales by several nautical miles.

Readers of Moby Dick know that much of In the Heart of the Sea will include being stranded at sea for 3 months. And we thought this guy’s raft plight was bad.  Yikes.  I’m betting that Howard’s film also focuses on the gang’s long-term survival on the island, post-attack.

***UPDATE 1***

Warner Bro. has decided to delay the release of this fish tail tale.  Rather than premiere March 13th, “In The Heart of the Sea” will instead hit theaters on December 11th.  Here’s the official reason from director Ron Howard himself:

“They analyzed the way people are responding to our movie now which is very favorable now that it’s finished, the way people responded to the marketing materials, and they also looked out how the market expanded this last Christmas increasing a wide array of movies,” he said. 

“There was a larger audience. I wanted as many people to see this movie on the big screen as possible and I do feel like it’s more of that fourth quarter, early winter kind of feel in terms of the tone of the movie,” Howard added.

With “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” being released Thanksgiving week this year, I suspect the Ron Howard production is caught between an arrow and stormtrooper.  The Moby Dick story had better hope that the shine wears off quickly for one Katniss (doubtful) and before Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Dec. 18.

Here’s the latest trailer for “In The Heart of the Sea”:


Man the deck!  Moby Dick is coming to theaters

Well, the movie isn’t called “Moby Dick”, but rather “In The Heart of the Sea”.

Look, I love the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” reality TV series as much as anyone.  And just like you, after about the 3rd crab ring gets pulled on deck, I want beg for danger and fights to break out amongst the crew.  Or that “rogue wave” to catch the skipper and greenhorns off-guard.  Anything.  Just don’t give me that worthless damn crab count and total weight BS tally between the Bering Sea vessels. I. Don’t. Care.  All I want is action.  Like this….


Now we’re talking.  This film has it all…

– A Mad Captain (Ahab) ?  Check. (Sorry Capt. Keith Colburn–even this guy’s got you beat)

– Total chaos and peril at sea?  Check.

– Academy Award-winning Director?  Check.

– Survival on an island?  Check.

– A Brendan Gleeson (“Calvary”) film?  Check.

– A true story?  Check.

– Cannibalism?  Check.

OK, I’m down with this film.  “In The Heart of the Sea” is rated PG-13 opens in theaters on March 13th December 11 (updated).

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