Movie Review – “Blood Stripe”

“Powerful! In what’s bound to be (Kate) Nowlin’s breakout movie, I can’t remember a better female screen portrayal of the U.S. Marine Corps.”

– Patrick King, REEL BRIEF

A hallmark of many successful films is their ability to tackle common, often repeated topic areas found in other big screen endeavors and, yet, still surprise viewers. These different perspectives or cultures take us into uncharted characters, adding unique story twists to already well-established plotlines. Marking the scarlet band running down the dress uniform of officers in the United States Marine Corps., “Blood Stripe” does just that.

The fictionalized “Blood Stripe” follows the final return home of a female Marine sergeant following deployment tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. As the sole woman assigned to a combat unit, this “Lioness” led checkpoints, established civil operations, and helped clear house raids at night.

Despite arriving back in the United States looking strong and well, we find this Marine’s real wounds are festering in emotional turmoil inside her. Using a series of flashbacks, sleepless nights, and a growing uneasiness around friends and family, “Blood Stripe” methodically traces the Sergeant’s reintegration into civilian life.

Whereas most post-traumatic stress disorder war films focus on the battlefield causes or the band of brothers and family members pushing to give these warriors the help they richly deserve, “Blood Stripe” boldly shows this combat veteran taking it upon herself to decompress and find her own solutions.

A spectacular performance by Kate Nowlin, as our Marine, spearheads “Blood Stripe” and provides the film its believability and human touch. In what’s bound to be Nowlin’s breakout movie, I can’t remember a better female screen portrayal of the U.S. Marine Corps. Nowlin gives a gripping and memorable screen tour that honors members of the Corps and all women serving in the United States military.

“Blood Stripe” is powerful! It’s a great film that all Americans would benefit from seeing and understanding. The story gives us the ground truth on the emotional wounds our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties pay for the price of freedom…but from a unique perspective not seen in most military dramas. And that makes “Blood Stripe” well worth your time.

You may rent “Blood Stripe” from iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, or YouTube.

Grade: A-

“Blood Stripe” is Unrated with a running time of 1 hour and 32 minutes.

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