Sandra Bullock plays a NASA novice stranded in space opposite cool-headed, astronaut vet George Clooney. Bullock’s ill-prepared, often annoying character, made me initially hope that she’d land on Charlton Heston’s Earth in the year 3978–complete with apes riding horses and tossing cargo netting around her Lycra shorts.

But the exceptional 3D images and Clooney (who literally carried this picture and Bullock) provide viewers with a remarkable movie that takes place solely in outer space…no shots from Planet Earth, only the voices of Mission Control’s Ed Harris and a Ham radio operator.  The film’s most powerful scenes result from the complete silence.  Catch this on the big screen to get the most bang for your buck; you’ll find yourself oblivious to the characters while mesmerized by Earth and flying space objects.

Grade: B+


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