Movie Review – ‘How To Be Single’

“How To Be Single” is round after round of laughs, drinks, and men served up in a hilarious manner.

Patrick King, REEL BRIEF

How To Be Single

Director Christian Ditter (2015’s “Love, Rose”) tries his hand at romance comedy once again in this new gabfest of New York City ladies bravely tackling singlehood and men simultaneously. Last year’s sizzling big-screen newbie Dakota Johnson (“50 Shades of Grey”), leads this funny revolt against courtships with the opposite gender and a talented cast that includes two of the most sought after female comedians on film today…the ageless, sexy 43-year old Leslie Mann and the lovable songstress from the “Pitch Perfect” collection, Rebel Wilson.


“How To Be Single” is round after round of laughs, drinks, and men served up in a hilarious manner. Although the movie sends blurry, mixed messages to women about remaining single while exhibiting the opposite, no one will mind in the end about impaired behavior. The film’s underdeveloped, and often conflicting memo on steady relationships, is unimportant in the bigger plot scheme of things…generating many laughs at the expense of men, romance, jobs and connections.

This movie astutely promotes simplistic dating tips that, despite what they portent, doesn’t mean for one to be left alone in life by choice. Instead, its storyline reads like a Facebook meme. It offers up four women with widely different personal life goals, all seizing control of their lives to find their voice. That, perhaps, is the film’s best message—aside from the comedic relief.

Grade: B-

“How To Be Single” is rated R for sexual content and strong language throughout.  Its running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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