A wonderfully told true story starring the stalwart Judi Dench, as a grown mother of a boy she hasn’t seen since giving up the toddler 50 years earlier. A very fine performance from Steve Coogan anchors the film as he portrays an investigative reporter who often asks questions he doesn’t like the answers to whilst assisting Dench find her child.

Coogan and Dench also provide many laughs sprinkled throughout the film; mostly at the expense of their differences in generations, but always uncontrived and with a natural delivery. Viewers will find the religious practices of the Catholic Church, and certain members of it, appalling and unable to justify how a place that attempts to offer one so much hope, can instead, inflict so much pain upon the faithful? And this is where the movie finds its real merit–inside one’s heart. The same Catholicism that created such a burden for a Mother to bear is the same religion and faith that allows her to do the most unselfish act of all—to forgive.

Grade: A-

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