Movie Review – ‘Remember’

“Dramatic. Bold. A thrilling mystery about revenge…a dish best served cold–and old.”

Patrick King, REEL BRIEF


Academy Award winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau star in the riveting retaliation story.  We find both of these old-timers living in a retirement home, mourning the loss of 90-year old Zev Guttman’s (Plummer) beloved wife, Ruth.  Providing comfort to Zev is his BFF Max (Landau), who hatches an elaborate plan for his sidekick to carry out.  A scheme that will give these men peace of mind in their final weeks or months.

“Remember” is a thrilling mystery about revenge…a dish best served cold–and old.  As Auschwitz prisoner camp survivors during World War II, Zev and Max seek out the Nazi guard responsible for the brutal deaths of their families.

Stroking the vengeance plot is the uncomfortableness of seeing our elderly attempt to cope and navigate our society even under normal circumstances.  Zev suffers from dementia and severe memory loss, handicapped by his constant need to review his marching orders–all meticulously written out for him in a several-page letter carried in his dress jacket pocket.

Armed with the new American name taken by the former Nazi prison guard, Zev embarks on the cringeworthy strategy to find, unmask and kill the man responsible for so much tragedy in his life.  But his travels are marked by empathy, bewilderment and a few tense moments for moviegoers as Zev’s murky past comes back into focus in the present.

Viewers will be mesmerized by this dramatic story and shocked at its boldness.  This whodunit packs a powerful punch due to Plummer’s remarkable job as the Glock-toting, older fellow seeking a punishment bestowed upon another.  He singlehandedly carries this film in his travel bag.  A must-see for audiences wanting to catch an unsolved mystery with twists, turns and a fascinating performance.

Grade: B+

“Remember” can be found in select theaters nationwide.  In Tucson, its being shown exclusively in The Loft Cinema, located at 3233 E. Speedway Blvd.  “Remember” is rated R for sequences of violence and language with a running time of 1 hour and 35 minutes.

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