Movie Review: ‘The November Man’

'November Man'

Former James Bond 007 actor Pierce Brosnan returns to the world of professional assassin in this film based off the bestselling November Man book series by Bill Granger. In “The November Man” Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, an ex-CIA agent who earned the nickname of the movie’s title for always leaving an unmistakable path of death and destruction behind him. Brosnan’s Devereaux is forced out of retirement and back into the field to help save an undercover agent and secure intelligence information. Directed by Roger Donaldson (“No Way Out” in 1987), “The November Man” is an espionage thriller that could have been ripped straight off of the front page of today’s newspapers.

'November Man' Brosnan

“The November Man” reminds us of why Brosnan was once selected as only the fifth person to play Bond (“GoldenEye” 1995)–he’s cool, confident, unflappable and never flustered by mayhem around him. A strong and convincing Brosnan plays the experienced CIA killer, selected to teach to a new journeyman (Luke Bracey) his deadly trade skills. This relationship between instructor and his flailing student provides a compelling back-story to a very watchable movie for viewers who enjoy the James Bond, Jason Bourne and Mission Impossible spy thrillers. Yes, the overall plot in “The November Man” may not be difficult to decipher early on, but subtle intricacies to the storyline appear throughout to keep viewers entertained as the action slowly burns.

'November Man' Olga

Another 007 connection exists in the film with Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko portraying the woman Brosnan must keep alive long enough to provide vital information on a deadly Russian conspiracy. Kurylenko, the former Bond Girl to Daniel Craig’s 007 in 2009’s “Quantum of Solace”, provides excellent company to Brosnan while showcasing her own undercover talents.

'November Man' Maxim

Aside from these two main characters, Pierce Brosnan saves an otherwise weak cast. The Peter Devereaux character in this movie is easily Brosnan’s best performance since 2005’s “The Matador”. The former MI6 James Bond actor clearly shines in his covert spy roles, tugging beautiful girls through gunfire and chase scenes. Despite several predictable themes, “The November Man” offers an intriguing and sleek film that will leave viewers making comparisons between Brosnan’s CIA assassin in this film and his alter ego, superspy gig as Britain’s 007 agent. For that reason alone, “The November Man” will keep audiences entertained and thankful we have dedicated assets with these skillsets in today’s world of troublemakers.

Grade: B

“The November Man” is Rated R with a running time of 1 hour and 48 minutes.

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