My Rental Recommendations

A few of the newest available DVD rentals that are worth your time:

1.  The Imitation Game – My ‘Movie of the Year’ for 2014.  Behind the mathematical statistics, complicated decipher computations, and spy games rests a compelling story of a young boy struggling to be accepted in life.  As fate would have it and after being spurned by so many growing up, Alan Turing found himself in the extraordinary position to help save and affect millions of lives. “The Imitation Game” splendidly illustrates how Turing met his appointment with destiny–a time and place requiring his extraordinary mind and talents. It’s that unlikely connection of Alan Turing to the outcome of World War II, which makes this film so remarkable, intriguing and a “must-see” winner.

2.  Wild – Reese Witherspoon dominates the screen as best-selling author Cheryl Strayed. “Wild” is the movie adaptation of Strayed’s 2012 true story novel titled “Wild: Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail”. Her memoir about the real-life challenges she faced along that 1,100-mile trek, in fact, reached #1 on the New York Times’ Best Seller list and made Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club selection.  Director Jean-Marc Vallee (“Dallas Buyers Club”) meticulously takes viewers along Strayed’s arduous path towards self-discovery. Her winding trails from California’s high desert to Oregon’s pristine forest, is marked by Witherspoon’s constant thoughts of anger and guilt. While director Vallee skillfully captures the dangers along the Pacific Crest Trail, its Witherspoon’s extraordinary screen presence that forcefully gains strength and momentum with every mile she hikes.

3.  Interstellar – This Christopher Nolan film challenges audiences to keep up with the director’s cerebral vision and fast-paced storytelling. “Interstellar” moves at a speed and distance that doesn’t afford us, the moviegoers, the time to get complete answers along this fascinating journey. With such vast space to cover in the film, Nolan must play loose with the math and science equations, staying focused instead on the many threats facing the talented cast. After all, the stakes are high; Earth is becoming uninhabitable and another planet must be found…right now. Like a rock skipped across the smooth waters of a lake, Nolan couldn’t slow down to fully explain the mathematics of gravity, Einstein’s theory of relativity, or how space travel was possible from a Midwestern farm to deep inside a wormhole. That deceleration would’ve halted the 3-time Oscar nominated director’s story and sank this movie. Cleverly, Nolan decided to toss one life and death challenge after another at the cast and audience, keeping both groups entertained while the rock (the main story) skips along at a high velocity.

4.  Unbroken – To start the film, director Jolie wisely takes a page straight out of Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan” playbook, throwing moviegoers immediately into the opening scene of hostile fire from enemy forces in World War II. From here, we learn that this movie’s an impressive story about an uncommon man named Louis Zamperini. As a young boy who grew up in Southern California, we find Zamperini a bombardier aboard a U.S. Army Air Forces’ B-24 Liberator dropping bombs on Japanese targets in the Pacific. The strong-willed Zamperini falls back on his exceptional athleticism and mental fortitude—instilled during his old high school track days—throughout the movie as he fights for his life.

There you have it.  Four movies worth renting and your time.  Enjoy!

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