My Top Rental Recommendations

Here are my Top 10 movie rental recommendations:

1. Ant-Man.   Just released today on Netflix and Redbox.


Following the successful pattern of Guardians of the Galaxy, this film centers on a single character (Rudd) surrounded by a funny and intriguing supporting cast. Rudd skillfully ignites the movie’s lighter moments with clever lines, silly smirks and spot-on comedic timing. The banter and charisma exuded by Rudd’s Scott Lang character is easily comparable to the likes of funnymen Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark’s Iron Man or Chris Pratt’s space adventurer Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, Rudd’s performance is that uplifting and strong. Nearly as refreshing to the audience is the significant, heavy-lifting Michael Douglas does to move the whole Ant-Man narrative along the big-screen.

2. Southpaw. The most emotional and stirring boxing performance on film since Rocky chased chickens and ran steps in 1976 Philly. Gyllenhaal’s commitment and dedication to this Billy Hope boxing role, is no less than miraculous. His mental and physical metamorphosis, combined with an edgy script, disturbing story, rock solid supporting cast, and sensational soundtrack all make Southpaw a bout not to miss. No split-decision here; this film’s realism and gut-wrenching scorecard of a family’s ability to overcome staggering adversity is one that no odds maker in Las Vegas would take. The Jake Gyllenhaal we see in Southpaw is a leaner, meaner and better actor than we’ve ever seen before. This film makes Gyllenhaal an Oscar contender!


3. Love & Mercy.  A must-see!  The film that went under the radar of most moviegoers in 2015.  Oscar contenders Paul Dano and Elizabeth Banks star!

4.  Ex Machina.  One of the most talked about films of 2015.  A must-see!

5.  Ricki and the Flash.  Brand new rental movie!  The background: As one of only six Hollywood actors to earn 3 Academy Awards for acting (including a record nineteen Oscar nominations) it feels like we’ve seen Meryl Streep play every character on the big screen over the past 38 years. In “Ricki and The Flash”, however, we find this amazing actress continuing to expand her talents and push outside her comfort zone. As an aging 1980s rocker named Ricki Rendazzo, Streep is a self-described non-traditional mother who, after years performing on tour, ends up divorced, no longer in her children’s lives, and working two part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Teaming up with her real-life offspring Mamie Gummer for the third time on film, Streep’s Ricki character re-enters the children’s lives when her daughter’s (Gummer) marriage unexpectedly dissolves.


6.  Spy. No one in Hollywood has a better comedic game right now than Melissa McCarthy. “Spy” works because McCarthy can deliver laughs with a simple look, deadpan line or uncomfortable run/walk. The “Bridesmaids” alumnus has effortlessly transformed herself from Emmy winning television comedian into a bona fide motion picture headliner. While her cousin Jenny McCarthy may get the most double-takes from magazine photos, it’s this McCarthy that is sure-fire bet at the box office. Look for Melissa to continue her meteoric rise on the big screen well into 2016.

7. The Gift. Creeper flick.  You’ll never want to accept gifts again from old high school associates.

8. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  A very watchable Bond-esque film with Alicia Vikander.  You can’t go wrong.

9.  Inside Out.  A must-see!  One of the Top 10 Films of 2015.

10.  San Andreas.  Action.  And hotties on screen.  Equal parts.  You can thank me later.



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