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Girl Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Daniel Craig stars alongside a girl–not only sporting a dragon tattoo–but piercings, and a knack for hacking computers with a photographic memory. Flick starts off slow, but by halftime you’ll be ‘tied up’ in the action and wonder which of these 2 stars is the real James Bond. Read the book, if nothing else, to assist with the thick accents. If you can tell the Kardashian clan apart you’ll have no problem keeping up with the suspects and family dynamics in this thriller.


The movie trailer…

This movie was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Mara Rooney for Best Actress, and won for Best Film Editing.  It also earned MTV’s movie of the year (2011) and hailed as one of the best films in 2011 by the American Film Institute.

‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is rated R with a running time of 2 hours and 38 minutes. It’s available to rent at Amazon, Google Play and Redbox.

Girl Tatto 2

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