Paranoia Alert – ‘Jeff, Who Lives At Home’ (DVD, 2012)

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Jason Segel plays Jeff, a 30-year old basement dweller still living under his mother (Susan Sarandon). He’s also a huge fan of the 2002 Mel Gibson movie “Signs” believing that “all things happen for a reason”; which viewers quickly find out includes the postponement of his transition to adulthood. But this film is about more than just a “boomerang” or “kipper” man-child story, it’s about destiny, fate, and trusting your instincts. And how if you look hard enough, you’ll see the way. Although only 83 minutes long, some patience is necessary early in this movie while you come to understand Jeff’s paranoia and for two subplots to unfold. Ed Helms from TV’s “The Office” and the “Hangover” movies helps this film gather speed until the surprising end.

Grade: B

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