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Newest trailer for the upcoming ‘Sicario’ movie that hits theaters on September 18.  Just in time for political border discussions.  My full preview is below.

Coming in mid-September, with wider release later that month to U.S. theaters, ‘Sicario’ showcases three top-shelf performers – Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, 2014), Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro (Traffic, 2000) and Oscar nominated Josh Brolin (for 2008’s Milk).

The trio meet along the blurred borders of corruption, deception and drug cartels within Mexico and the southwestern U.S.  A frustrated and naive Blunt (FBI) finds herself embedded between a tough CIA Operations Chief (Brolin) and a mercenary (Toro) who tends to lean in the direction of the highest payer.  Together, they fight drug lords and a jurisdiction system that still tilts in favor of the criminal minds.

Blunt’s savvy street smarts and keen instincts are all she’s left with after thrown into a dangerous environment where nothing is as it appears to be.  Talk about trust issues.

This movie isn’t about cooperation between neighboring countries or an eager FBI agent seeking her “by-name request” into a clandestine U.S. unit. And its sure not about curbing the drug war by the time the film credits roll.  No, this action thriller–with a superb music score–is about enlightening and educating audiences to the violent crime that already exists, and operates, inside our southern U.S. border–and illustrates the dangers associated with this fact.

Filmed mostly in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last June, Sicario made the shortlist for the top prize (Palme d’Or) at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Roll the tape….

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