Preview: ‘Spotlight’

This film will do very well in theaters and probably rack up more than its fair share of Oscar noms and Golden Globes. Three reasons this appalling Catholic church story will create a stir and put people in the seats….its a red-meat topic that we’ve heard about for years, but never had hardly any public acknowledgement of these priestly shenanigans. Two, we always want people held accountable. A true story that shines a bright light on bad people will be well received….particularly when we’re talking about sexual abuse and power. There’s a reason “60 Minutes” has remained on TV for all these decades–viewers love the investigative reporter with the hard questions and pit-bull attention span. Lastly, this movie is going to shake Hollywood for its All-Star cast. Seriously, when was the last time we had a line-up like this? Keaton, Ruffalo, McAdams, Tucci (fantastic and under-rated!), and Schreiber (who is having a big 2015).

Filmed in Boston and Ontario, Canada, Keaton is the editor of the “Spotlight” division within a special investigative section of The Boston Globe, that earned a Pulitzer Prize for telling readers about this heart-wrenching story. Schreiber plays the newspaper’s overall Editor.

Roll the tape…

“Spotlight” competes with the new Bond film “SPECTRE”, which also debuts on November 6.  However, “Spotlight” will probably gain viewership in the weeks leading up to and after Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations are announced.

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