UPDATE: ‘Unbranded’ Preview

 **** UPDATE:  The Tucson, Arizona, screening on Thursday, September 24th, is SOLD OUT ****


The film’s money quote: “Things are going to go wrong.” – REEL BRIEF.com

This documentary chronicles the 3,000 mile journey of sixteen wild mustang horses through the United States, starting from our southern border and ending up in the cold territory along the Canadian-U.S. line.  Four cowboys attempt to match wits with these beautiful four-legged beasts in an effort to adopt, train and ride them up north–all in test to show us the worth of these likable horses.

Along the way, spirits are raised and tempers tamed for all involved…Mustangs and Man.

This film’s mantra draws viewers’ attention, rightfully so, to the plight of 50,000 wild horses being sent to government holding facilities to await adoption.  You can only imagine the consequences for these mustangs if adoption doesn’t arrive soon enough.

Roll the tape adventure…

Giddyup!  The film’s money quote: “Things are going to go wrong.”

‘Unbranded’ arrives in select cities and theaters in September.  For example, in Tucson, AZ, this film will be screened on Sept 24 at the Foothills AMC Loews theater.  Click here to find a showing in a city near you.

Additionally, you can pre-order your own HD digital version DVD (with bonus material) of ‘Unbranded’ here for $14.99–starting after September 25th.  Likewise, although this film can be added to your Netflix “Queue” right now–no official date has been determined for its Netflix release.

Also check out the Mustang Heritage Foundation website for more information on this wild horses and the problems facing these mustangs.  And, again, here’s the ‘Unbranded’ Film Page for ordering a DVD, learning more about this movie and buying western apparel.

Let’s move ’em out!

‘Unbranded’ is rated PG-13 for some language and unsettling images.  Running time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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