REEL BRIEF’s Top 10 Quotes from ‘American Sniper’


10.  Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) –  “I’m not a redneck.  I’m from Texas”.  Taya Kyle (Sienna Miller) – “What’s the difference?”  Chris Kyle – “We ride horses and they ride their cousins.”

9. Taya Kyle – “Then just tell me. Tell me why you do it. I want to understand.”

8.  Chris Kyle – “I’m willing to meet my creator and answer every shot that I took.”

7.  Spotter Goat-Winston (Kyle Gallner) – “They fry you if you’re wrong.”

6.  Taya Kyle – “I don’t date SEALs”.

5.  Chris Kyle (over the phone to Taya Kyle) – “I’m ready. I’m ready to come home. I’m ready to come home baby!


4.  Fellow Navy SEAL Marc Lee (Luke Grimes) – “Look, all these guys, they know your name. They feel invincible with you up there.”

3.  Taya Kyle – “You don’t know when to quit! You did your part! We sacrificed enough! You let somebody else go!”


2.   Taya Kyle (over the phone to Chris, deployed in Iraq) – “Chris, do you need me to talk dirty to you?”

1.  Chris Kyle – “The thing that… haunts me are all the guys that I couldn’t save”.

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