Rental: ‘Safe House’ (2012)

Safe House

2-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays a CIA operative gone wild while Ryan Reynolds’ character is assigned by the spy agency to track him down in picturesque South Africa. Movie starts off with the fast-paced thrills of a James Bond flick and continues its sugar rush like a 12-year old on Halloween night. In the first few scenes, a timid Reynolds appears to be reprising his role from The Proposal. Thankfully, and with Denzel’s guidance, Reynolds finally figures out the business end of a 9mm. The plot is somewhat stale and throughout the movie you’ll know well in advance where this action adventure will end up. But the film’s chaos is well balanced by Washington’s calm demeanor and covert expertise, allowing the movie to avoid any slow spots. Overall, “Safe House” delivers about what you’d expect. Two to the chest, one to the head. No more. No less.

Grade: B-

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