Russell Wilson, Movie Critic & NFL Superstar

Movie reviewing isn’t for the weak.  Or the faint-hearted.   This NFL superstar quarterback found that out even before Christian Grey turned the light out in the Red Room of Pain…

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When reviewing movies, one must type with caution.  Movie reviewers always maintain constant vigilance for World War III to break out from loyal readers should the unthinkable occur; a reader’s favorite, most awesome flick ever doesn’t get the dignified treatment and letter-grade that the theater arm-chair viewer thinks it deserves.

The only fate worse than low-balling a film, and bringing hate down from readers, is if said “critic” gives props to a movie someone else deems dreadfulSmutty.  Shocking.  And it doesn’t matter if the upset reader actually saw the film or not.  Haters will hate and they often have varsity skills to back up their vile comments.

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Movie critic Russell Wilson was called out for his religious faith and for giving “Fifty Shades of Grey” high marks.



Tread lightly theater scribes, particularly if your opinion goes against the mainstream media tide waters and its group think mentality….especially if it involves one of the most-hyped, sexual bondage films in recent memory.

For the record, I gave “Fifty Shades of Grey” a B+.

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