‘Skyfall’ (2012) Disappoints

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Craig. Daniel Craig. He’s on my Top 20 Favorite Movie Actors list of all-time. Craig’s James Bond performs as well as can be expected with a weak story that left me wanting to place my red laser scope on the target silhouettes of both director and writer. Oh bloody hell, in Bond flicks I want clever and witty…and in “Skyfall” I saw bland and nonchalant. It wasn’t until after halftime in this rather long movie (2 hrs, 23 min), did the plot begin to show emotion and put points on the scoreboard. But it was too late. Unfortunately, the only real Bond Girl with any screen time turned out to be MI6’s own Judi Dench as “M”. Ugh. The movie did not invest in or develop the characters enough for viewers to care about. “Casino Royale” remains the high water mark for Craig; but perhaps most surprising, “Skyfall” failed to even rise to the level of the lackluster “Quantum of Solace”. Her Majesty and moviegoers deserve better.

Grade: C.

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