‘SPECTRE’ to be Daniel Craig’s last Bond appearance


Photo by Esquire magazine.

Yes, I know.  He’s been my favorite 007 too–creatively balancing the athleticism of a twenty-something with a wiser, more experienced MI6 agent for Her Majesty. But, according to next month’s Esquire magazine cover story, Daniel Craig is quite comfortable turning in his Bond Girls, handguns, gadgets and 3-number identifier post–“SPECTRE” come November.  Straight from the spy’s mouth:

“What will he miss most? “Doing the films; just that. You know, it sounds awful but I’ve been left a wealthy man by doing this. I can afford to live very comfortably. Things are taken care of. Family and kids are taken care of and that’s a massive relief in anybody’s life. I’m incredibly fortunate. But the other stuff that goes along with it…” He trails off for a moment. “The day I can walk into a pub and someone goes, ‘Oh, there’s Daniel Craig’ and then just leaves me alone, that’ll be great.”

For now, at least, were he to walk into a pub, people would see James Bond first, Daniel Craig second. And they would not leave him alone. He’s made his peace with it, for as long as it lasts.

If it were to be the case that he’s shot his last scene as James Bond, would he feel satisfied with what he’s achieved? “Immensely,” he says. “I’ve done my best.”

Take a few minutes and read the entire Esquire interview here.  You’ll find an actor who took his Bond role seriously and delivered top-shelf performances in each and every film. Who else remembers all the media gasps over the hiring of a “Blonde Bond”?  We’ve come so far over these nearly 10 years in our relationship with Craig as 007.

I will miss Craig as Bond.  Almost as much as Vesper Lynd in 2006’s “Casino Royale”…


Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale” (2006)

“SPECTRE” hits theaters on November 6th.  Lets go and celebrate Craig’s tour as Bond.  He’s earned that from us.

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