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Veterans Day 2016

You can’t serve our nation in uniform without gaining a deeper appreciation for what our country stands for and how special it really is.  Regardless of how patriotic you are as that first day arrives, wearing your military uniform outside the gates of training and into the public spotlight bears a special burden as all eyes... Read More »

9/11 – A Personal Look Back

“10:30 a.m. – The 62nd Airlift Squadron (my unit) calls to notify me that my leave is now cancelled and I’m being recalled.”  – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF I repost my 9/11 story every year because it’s important to remember not only the tragic details of this horrific day but to honor those who died, or were forever changed,... Read More »

Present, Arms!

A great tribute this week by Jimmy Kimmel for a great American warrior… Well done, Airman Stone! TAG: Air Force Memories, Between... Read More »

My few minutes with Robin Williams downrange

I’ve always thought USO tours downrange to support the troops we’re a big hit. Not only for us service members, but also for the performers. The “troops” have obviously enjoyed getting a taste of entertainment from the good ol’ U.S. of A ever since the USO began doing their shows in 1941. These performances provide... Read More »

Clint Eastwood to direct ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ film

In the world of aviation, pilots are only half-joking when they say flying is about “airspeed, altitude and brains”–and that aviators “must have at least 2” of those qualifiers to live and fly again.  One pilot who possessed all 3 of those traits on a fateful day back in 2009 was U.S. Airways’ Captain Chesley... Read More »

The Pilot’s Watch

What’s up with pilots and our watches?  We love them.  There’s no denying that in order to look into a pilot’s soul, one must focus first on the wrist of the aviator.  Multiple time zones, dual alarms, countdowns, stop watch, analog and digital readouts, all nestled below a bi-directional Bezel compass and used for that... Read More »

Air Force Memories – ‘The Combat Search & Rescue Mission For A Military Working Dog’

  November 2010. Deployed to Afghanistan, I’m attending a senior leadership meeting of the combat flying units on base. The news broke suddenly and was not good; a U.S. military working dog at a remote outpost is suffering from a life threatening sickness (non-combat related) and needs an immediate aero medical evacuation. Unfortunately, between this... Read More »

My ‘Air Force One’ Story: The Day Reagan Died

A special contribution in honor of President’s Day I’ve received a handful of these high-level presidential advance calls in my tour of duty during President George W. Bush’s first term in office. The calls normally came from Air Force One, as it was airborne and flying towards me–standing on an airport’s tarmac denoting the parking spot reserved... Read More »

10 years ago today….

December 26, 2004. Assigned to Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Headquarters at Hickam Air Force Base, in Honolulu, Hawaii, I worked as the Director of the 24/7 Operations Support Center. The day after Christmas, I arrived for my swing shift in the early afternoon and noticed a few more vehicles in the parking lot just east... Read More »

‘A Day in the Life’ of an Air Force Student Pilot

Photo courtesy of MilitaryFactory.com Only 2 months into flying the Air Force’s Cessna T-37 primary jet trainer, I learned one of my biggest lessons from the 52-week journey known as Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT); flight discipline. *** On this day, October 12, 1994, I was a student pilot at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma... Read More »

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