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‘Three Generations’

I was having difficulty finding my son, Ross, through the maze of blue coats and ties. With a deep feeling of both pride and respect overwhelming me, my search expanded across the vast parade grounds at a faster pace. I was so proud of Ross for setting his sights on a goal and achieving it–not... Read More »

The Pilot’s Log Book

The pilot’s log book. Perhaps no other endeavor or job requires an individual to track such oddities. Not only do pilots have to log every flight from departure location to destination, but also account for the time it took us to get there…right down to the navigator’s arse in accuracy–or .1 hours (six minutes for... Read More »

An Air Force Mission and My “Need to Know”

The instructions were as terse as they were vague; fly to the Base X and wait for further instructions. Whisky Tango Foxtrot, I thought. There has got to be more information, I insisted to my director of operations in his office. He shook his head. Fly a C-130 aircraft 5,000 miles and wait? Affirmative. I... Read More »

A Bit More Information on this Movie Reviewer

I want to thank the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base’s 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office–and in particular, Airman 1st Class Betty R. Chevalier–for this nice write-up.  Thank you! Keepin’ it REEL... Read More »

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