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Romance and comedy films that are perfect compliments to an evening out with your lover.

Movie Review – “The Greatest Showman”

“★ ★ ★ ★ ★” “An inspiring storyline and romantic musical! This film’s production value is worth the price of admission!” Patrick King, REEL BRIEF While Marvel’s “Black Panther” easily cruises to the highest box office opening ever in February and, perhaps, the largest grossing super-hero movie of all-time, another worthy film is receiving loud... Read More »

Movie Review – “All the Money in the World”

“All the Money in the World” is a fascinating chess match between family and money! – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF By now, most moviegoers are aware of the multiple sexual assault allegations leveled at Netflix’s “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey. While many tabloid headlines covered the television series’ formal break-up with the actor in... Read More »

Movie Review – “Darkest Hour”

  “Darkest Hour” is a top contender for Film of the Year! – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF In a historic masterpiece, “Darkest Hour” presents us with a battle-weary England on the verge of collapse at the evil hands of Adolf Hitler in World War II. Covering a politically troublesome and potentially devastating four-week period for... Read More »

Movie Review – “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

“The intricate, and often hostile, interaction between the strong-willed personas of Harrelson, McDormand, and Rockwell makes for sensational filmmaking and movie watching…  The early Oscar front-runner for Best Picture!” – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF A trifecta of superb acting performances will surely earn “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” a well-deserved spot on nearly everyone’s shortlist... Read More »

Movie Review – “Brad’s Status”

“A must-see movie for every parent of a teenager!” – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat social media venues provide countless opportunities to share our instantaneous actions and thoughts. Perhaps too much so, to the point of sensory overload. Each outlet giving us the ability to catch up and reminisce with others near... Read More »

Movie Review – “Stronger”

“The film’s greatest attribute is that it places each of us in Bauman’s hospital room. And in his wheelchair. We wonder, as Gyllenhaal does, how we’d struggle to find our old life and chase new relationships with relatives and loved ones… Brilliant acting shines bright in this true story, taking viewers much further than the... Read More »

Movie Review – “Patti Cake$”

I did not see this sensational underdog story coming! I was floored by “Patti Cake$”…  Powerful…and inspiring! – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Each year, countless movies I review never live up to their pre-release hype, despite award-winning directors and easy-to-watch, proven big-screen stars headlining those films. But like a history professor reading from a stack... Read More »

Movie Review – “Good Time”

“Robert Pattinson takes on his biggest, deepest role so far and shines brilliantly!” Patrick King, REEL BRIEF One of the more interesting aspects of living in southern California years ago were the televised police chases that broke into regularly televised programming on a nearly weekly basis. Filmed from a flock of overhead helicopters, these intense... Read More »

Movie Review – “Wind River”

“While I don’t think “Wind River” is nearly as pleasing of a movie journey as Sheridan’s “Hell or High Water” or “Sicario” (2015) screenplays, it is a solid, yet violent, crime drama with Renner at the helm.” – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF From the screenwriter of last year’s highly acclaimed and Oscar-nominated best picture “Hell... Read More »

Movie Review – “The Glass Castle”

“The Glass Castle” is an emotional and thought-provoking train wreck. – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Headlined by a trio of Hollywood heavyweights, this film adaptation of the 2005 best-seller by Jeannette Walls presents a riveting and raw look inside her real-life nomadic upbringing. Riding the same harrowing dysfunctional and shocking family details that kept Walls’... Read More »

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