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Movie Review – “Molly’s Game”

“Molly’s Game is a fascinating story of boldness, charisma, and integrity. A Top-5 film of 2017!” -Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Making his directorial filmmaking debut, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin deals moviegoers in on the true-life exploits of poker game hostess Molly Bloom. Portraying Bloom, the Olympic-class skier turned moderator of high-stakes underground gambling, is... Read More »

Top 10 Films of 2017

Here are the year’s best films in storytelling and performances: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Superb acting performances highlight this crime drama depicting a grieving mother seeking answers for her daughter’s brutal murder. The brilliant screenplay slowly unmasks the film’s key players, shining a spotlight on how each character’s past and present are interwoven into... Read More »

Movie Review – “Beauty and the Beast”

Using the most impressive animation features I’ve ever seen on film, “Beauty and the Beast” lavishly ties the Disney spirit with the eye-raising brilliance of a Broadway production. Patrick King, REEL BRIEF In the best opening weekend for the month of March ever, Disney’s live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast” hauled in a record-breaking $170... Read More »

My 2017 Oscar Picks!

And the Winner is… This Sunday night’s 89th Academy Awards show on ABC is one of the most uncertain and open races in recent years.  First-time Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel kicks off the telecast at 5 pm, Arizona time.  Despite La La Land netting a record-tying 14 Academy Award nominations (joining Titanic and All About... Read More »

Movie Review – “Eddie the Eagle”

This film soars!  “Eddie the Eagle” sticks its landing, underscoring the cause-and-effect between determination and self-fulfillment. – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Each of us has our own “Eddie the Eagle” story to tell. Where desire, heart and the inability to be deterred culminate in the successful achievement of our dreams, goals and life paths. My seventh... Read More »

My 2016 Oscar Predictions

And the Winner is… This Sunday night’s 88th Academy Awards show on ABC promises to entertain, surprise and shock viewers.  With very few solid favorites going into this telecast, expect the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award a handful of the 8 ½ pound golden statuettes to newcomers–including a few sentimental actors... Read More »

Top 10 Films of 2015

Here are the REEL BRIEF Top 10 Films of 2015. 10.  The Big Short Four bold investors see the writing on the bank industry walls–and turn modern banking upside down.  A “☆☆☆☆☆” cast features Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt. Using equal investments of superb casting and unique storytelling, Director Adam McKay’s... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘Trumbo’

“Trumbo” takes viewers on a fascinating ride of contrition and redemption… The film’s notion is that anyone’s potential can be reached through hard work—in spite of roadblocks or “blacklists”. – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Emmy award-winning television veteran Bryan Cranston stars in this dramedy set in Hollywood during the Cold War. Portraying eccentric true-life screenwriter... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘Spotlight’

“★★★★★” “Electrifying! The Oscar front-runner!” – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF As demand for instant news has increased over recent years, the always competitive news markets have tried to keep pace with the news-thirsty customer demands for timely (and still accurate) information. Added to the mix is a watchful public armed with immediate access to Internet... Read More »

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