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Top 10 Films of 2017

Here are the year’s best films in storytelling and performances: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Superb acting performances highlight this crime drama depicting a grieving mother seeking answers for her daughter’s brutal murder. The brilliant screenplay slowly unmasks the film’s key players, shining a spotlight on how each character’s past and present are interwoven into... Read More »

REEL BRIEF Readers Cast Their Oscar Ballots

The votes are in!  I want to express my appreciation to the 100 REEL BRIEF readers who participated in this year’s Oscar voting!  As for the results, there are several blow-outs with easy wins in the Acting, Animation and Original Song categories.  By a large margin, REEL BRIEF voters expect a big night tomorrow evening for... Read More »

UPDATE: ‘Unbranded’ Preview

 **** UPDATE:  The Tucson, Arizona, screening on Thursday, September 24th, is SOLD OUT **** The film’s money quote: “Things are going to go wrong.” – REEL BRIEF.com This documentary chronicles the 3,000 mile journey of sixteen wild mustang horses through the United States, starting from our southern border and ending up in the cold territory along... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘The Overnighters’ (Rental)

“It’s a stunning film that exposes everything we hold dear to us in life.  Parts of it will shake all the fibers of your body as you contemplate the difficult hardships facing so many” I previewed this movie last September and thought it looked pretty good.  “The Overnighters” took home the 2014 Intuitive Filmmaking Award... Read More »

REEL BRIEF’s ‘Best Films of 2014’

Here are the REEL BRIEF selections for ‘Best Films of 2014’: 1.  The Imitation Game Behind the mathematical statistics, complicated decipher computations, and spy games rests a compelling story of a young boy struggling to be accepted in life.  As fate would have it and after being spurned by so many growing up, Alan Turing... Read More »

Movie Review: ‘America: Imagine The World Without Her’

This controversial political film from directors Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan will invoke vastly different reactions from audience members. Many will find the film a patriotic, yet underreported, story on how our nation has prospered from our early years due to innovation, entrepreneurship, and capitalism–emerging as not only the wealthiest nation on the planet, but... Read More »

Best of 2010: ‘Restrepo’ (Rental)

A documentary on the 1-year deployment of U.S. troops in the Korengal Valley, the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan. Suspenseful, gut-wrenching, and pulls no punches on the difficulties our soldiers face down range. Winner of Best Documentary at Sundance and Oscar-nominated last week. Put on your flak vest, Kevlar helmet and go to Netflix and... Read More »

DVD Recommendation: ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ (2012)

My weekend movie recommendation chronicles the story of 85-year old Jiro Ono, owner of a sushi-only restaurant in Tokyo.  Jiro’s 10-seat sushi bar is world famous and this film shows you why people have made the trip from all over the world to visit (and eat) at this icon’s establishment. Available on Netflix. ‘Jiro Dreams... Read More »

‘Bears’ – A spectacular view of the wild side

Through the powerful lens of a camera, ‘Bears’ is another example of Disneynature’s superb educational filmmaking.  This adventure of a grizzly bear mother, trying to raise her two cubs, offers a cinematography feat approaching the level of last year’s Oscar-winning ‘Gravity’ masterpiece.  Wedged between the dangers facing this trio of grizzlies in The Last Frontier... Read More »

Movie Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Art documentary reflects brilliance behind the brush American illusionists and entertainers Penn & Teller bring us this fascinating and thoughtful story on how, perhaps, 17th Century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, was able to produce paintings with a nearly photographic quality.  The mystery surrounding Vermeer’s lucid oil paintings has spawned theories for over 350 years, including... Read More »

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