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Movie Review – ‘Lights Out’

A bona fide horror flick, “Lights Out” will keep audiences sleepless and tense for days. Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Making his directorial debut, David F. Sandberg delivers a fast-paced and superbly acted horror film to viewers willing to endure its jittery, nail-biting suspense scenes. This film’s best feature, though, is the compelling storyline it glues... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘Swiss Army Man’

Film buffs need to stand up and applaud “Swiss Army Man”.  This daring, odd and thought-provoking film is a bold statement that proves outside-the-box minds still exist in filmmaking.  Patrick King, REEL BRIEF Watch out moviegoers, Hollywood has once again found its wild side.  For nearly a decade, filmmakers have inundated audiences with television reboots,... Read More »

Movie Review – ’10 Cloverfield Lane”

“10 Cloverfield Lane” would’ve been better served had it been colder and creepier. Instead, just as it started to gain its abduction mojo, it blatantly changes course and loses its sinister rhythm. – Patrick King, REEL BRIEF I’ve enjoyed my share of horror films over the years.  The exceptional ones, like 2007’s “1408”, bring a... Read More »

REEL BRIEF Readers Cast Their Oscar Ballots

The votes are in!  I want to express my appreciation to the 100 REEL BRIEF readers who participated in this year’s Oscar voting!  As for the results, there are several blow-outs with easy wins in the Acting, Animation and Original Song categories.  By a large margin, REEL BRIEF voters expect a big night tomorrow evening for... Read More »

Movie Review – “Deadpool”

“Deadpool” is a breath of fresh filmmaking. By no means does it only take the superhero routine less traveled. Rather, it forges its own path with a simplistic but humorous jaunt, casting likeable street stars with hip, sassy tongues.” Patrick King, REEL BRIEF “Deadpool”, the latest saga sporting the Marvel Comics brand name, gives moviegoers... Read More »

The 2015 REEL BRIEF Awards

  ★★★★ The 2015 REEL BRIEF Awards ★★★★ Best Screenplay – Adaptation “Brooklyn” “Room” “Steve Jobs” Winner – “The Martian” “The Revenant”   Best Animation Winner – “Inside Out” “The Good Dinosaur” “The Peanuts Movie” “Shaun the Sheep”   Best Cinematography “Mad Max Fury Road” “Sicario” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” “The Martian” Winner –... Read More »

Top 10 Films of 2015

Here are the REEL BRIEF Top 10 Films of 2015. 10.  The Big Short Four bold investors see the writing on the bank industry walls–and turn modern banking upside down.  A “☆☆☆☆☆” cast features Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt. Using equal investments of superb casting and unique storytelling, Director Adam McKay’s... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

“(Director) Abrams deserves enormous credit for honoring the legacy of George Lucas and delivering one of the most entertaining films in 2015.” The Force is back…big time! And stronger than ever! Movie buffs old enough, can still remember when and where they watched the original “Star Wars” blockbuster a long time ago, in a theater... Read More »

Movie Review – ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2’

“A slow start causes a failure to launch… Not until the ‘Girl on Fire’ leads Alma Coin’s rebels through 70+ streets of gaming threats in the Capital does “Part 2” show any signs of life.” In 2012, watching the firstborn film conceived from Suzanne Collins’ best-selling line of novels, I was amazed at originality of... Read More »

Full Review – ‘The Martian’

“The Martian” is this fall’s first must-see film that’s one small step for food rationing, one giant leap for botany science.” – REEL BRIEF.com Director Ridley Scott (“Alien”, 1979) has once again created an impressive outer space saga.  Based upon the first published novel by American Andy Weir in 2011, “The Martian” is a fascinating... Read More »

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