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DVD Winner: ‘Secretariat’ (2010)

A fast-paced thriller through history in a four-legged version of the Rocky vs. Apollo Creed. Yes, we know Big Red stands in the winner’s circle but excellent performances by Lane & Malkovich earn movie’s Place and Show. The cinematography and sound are so good you’ll look for mud on your clothes. This true story will... Read More »

‘Trouble With The Curve’ (2012) Misses Strike Zone

Clint Eastwood plays a jurassic baseball scout for MLB’s Atlanta Braves organization facing a strikeout on 3 straight pitches; his eyesight, his job, and relationship with his daughter (Amy Adams). A weak, underperforming line-up, including John Goodman and Justin Timberlake, never makes solid contact on the ball with the fat part of the bat (or... Read More »

Flashback: One of 2012’s Best…’Silver Linings Playbook’

With well-deserved Oscar noms in all the major categories, this brilliant movie casts Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as partners facing despair, hope, romance and family–all at once. Exceptional screen performances by Cooper and Lawrence, coupled with Robert De Niro’s finest movie in years, will keep you riveted to your seat during all its crazy... Read More »

A Home Run: ‘Million Dollar Arm’

“Million Dollar Arm” follows the search for the first Indian to sign a professional sports contract in the United States. A struggling American sports agent, JB Bernstein, is brilliantly played by TV’s “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm. Hamm’s Bernstein character leads a scouting delegation to India, painstakingly searching for any cricket player who can muster... Read More »

‘Draft Day’ A Mid-to-late Second Round Pick

The comparisons between this newly released ‘Draft Day’ film and the successful 1996 Tom Cruise football comedy-drama ‘Jerry Maguire’ is both compelling and natural.  Both films take viewers behind-the-scenes to accurately portray life in the National Football League; ‘Jerry Maguire’ from the cold-hearted sports agent perspective and now ‘Draft Day,’ depicting NFL war rooms evaluating... Read More »

A Weekend Rental Winner: ‘Moneyball’

The true baseball story with Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s GM. Instead of using seasoned scouts and coaches via traditional methods, Beane discovers a spreadsheet Yale nerd to help with on-base slugging % and RBIs.  Aaron Sorkin writes another exceptional screenplay (Social Network) and the cast, including dude from “Get Him to... Read More »

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