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Trailers for upcoming movies

Preview: ’13 Hours…’

New movie posters were just released for “13 Hours”… Official Website: http://www.thirteenhoursmovie.com/ **** UPDATE *** Here’s the second and most recent trailer just released for “13 Hours…” This film looks, sounds and smells like today’s fight against terrorism.  It’s intense, raw and you can actually hear and feel the tension rise in the voices of those on... Read More »

May 2016: ‘Captain America: Civil War’

I’ve been meaning to post this trailer for 2 weeks.  So here it goes…  The MARVEL gang is back in May. Looks intriguing.  I thought “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011) got this superhero off to a very shaky and slow start intro to the big screen.  But 2014’s “Winter Soldier“, which made my Top 10 Films of... Read More »

**NEW** ‘The Big Short’ trailer

**** UPDATE **** The newest trailer for “The Big Short”…... Read More »

A sneak peek… ‘The Letters’

She changed hearts and minds for over 60 years around the world.  She touched more lives over a lifetime than probably anyone else in modern times.  A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, she advocated and fought for the poor– believing no one should be alone, unwanted or unloved.  Now, through her own letters written... Read More »

‘Miracles from Heaven’ with Jennifer Garner

Brand new trailer release for Jennifer Garner’s upcoming true story that left the doctors and the medical community unable to explain the power of healing and faith. Every parent’s worst nightmare…seeing their child hurt or put into danger.  Until something indescribable occurs… “Miracles from Heaven” is scheduled for theater release on March 18,... Read More »

Christmas Day Match-up: ‘Concussion’ vs. the NFL

“Concussion” stars Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist, who performed an autopsy on former NFL football player Mike Webster.  Webster, the long-time Pittsburgh Steeler center, sustained repeated blows to the head during his 16-year professional career and suffered a dementia similar to Alzheimer’s.  Unable to find an answer to his cognitive and... Read More »

Preview – ‘Anomalisa’

This film looks fascinating and guaranteed to create chatter around office water coolers.  A romantic story like we’ve never seen before!  With recent years of trending towards films made only about television reboots, superhero/comic book productions or “book-to-movie” adaptions, it’s nice to see an original storyline and thought sneak by the competition and score for viewers. Creative soul and Academy... Read More »

*New* ‘Daddy’s Home’ Trailer

An exclusive new movie trailer has hit the streets for the comedy.  I suspect 80% of the one-liners in Daddy’s Home can be appreciated right now in these two trailers. Step-dad Will Ferrell competes with Dad Mark Wahlberg for the kids’ affection.  And our laughs.  But with a release on December 25th, this comedy might... Read More »

Oscar Watch: ‘Joy’

“Joy” will be included in all the Academy Award nomination talk later this year…  In fact, I’m placing “Joy” as the first film on my official Oscar Watch list.”  –  Patrick King, REEL BRIEF **UPDATE** Here’s an update to the post below from earlier this month.  Just hitting the streets is this newest footage of David O.... Read More »

Coming Soon: ‘Miss You Already’

At first glance, this film appears to be the fortysomething version of “The Fault In Our Stars“. However, “Miss You Already” may entail an even gloomier outlook–say, like this gut-wrenching story. From the director of 2008’s vampire saga “Twilight”, comes Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore as BFFs experiencing life on opposite trajectories. Most of you will recognize the... Read More »

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