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Not a whole lot needs to be said before rolling this trailer.  You’ve got 7-time Oscar nominated Robert De Niro (who won two of the golden statuettes – for 1974’s “The Godfather Part II” and 1980’s “Raging Bull”) and Anne Hathaway–also an Academy Award winner for 2012’s “Les Miserables” (more on that below).

theinternDe Niro is “the intern”, who at 70 years of age, I assume is tired of watching “The Price Is Right” every morning during his lunchtime, eating dinner by 3 p.m., and calling it a night after his local 6 o’clock news…all with the steady reliability and precision of a Breitling watch.

Hathaway’s character, founder and CEO of an e-business, appears to be the one with the meatier script and need for more serious acting in “The Intern”.  By the way, Hathaway–as we saw in the Les Miserables‘ eye-poking musical (though no fault of her own)–has one of the best singing voices in Hollywood.  I’m still waiting to see her take a “Begin Again”-type film and run with it completely.  People didn’t take notice of her singing chops as much as they should have in “Les Mis”, probably due to it being a musical and that obnoxious Wolverine guy.

Also competing for laughs in this one is Adam DeVine (from the wildly successful “Pitch Perfect” twin-set) and movie veteran Rene Russo.

Nancy Meyers (2009’s “It’s Complicated”) directs this one and knows how to balance humor, romance and relationships.

But enough, already.

Roll the tape!

Guys, just plan on this being a Date Night flick and accept it.  You’ll get paid overtime later by your CEO at home.

“The Intern” hits theaters next month (September 25th).

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