This Week’s Movie Rental: ‘Grizzly Man’ (2005)

A 2005 documentary film on wannabe grizzly bear Timothy Treadwell using 100 hours of Alaska video footage he left behind after being mauled to death along with his girlfriend in campsite.  Treadwell’s premonition early in the film that his head would be separated from his torso by a bear is the best “called shot” since Babe Ruth’s in the ’32 World Series.

Sadly, he felt he was protecting these animals from humans but, in reality, it was the grizzlies protecting him from society. A fascinating movie about Treadwell’s struggles at fitting in and the consequence of isolation in the wilderness–both of which led to his downward spiral mental state by the last salmon run. This man’s compassion for bears was only matched by his hibernation from reality and angry mindset.

A train wreck you know is coming but can’t take your eyes off of. Nor will you want to.

Grade: A-

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Grizzly Man

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