To all the Dads out there…

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there–waking up right now to breakfast in bed, being handed the remote control wrapped in a bow, or perhaps, a colorful crayon masterpiece drawing destined for proud display on the refrigerator door or office cubicle!

To my Dad, who always tried to guide me in the right direction through life, letting me learn some hard lessons along the way when I insisted. Each time there for me.  Who provided unconditional love, showed me that hard work and treating people with respect is the only way to really kindle one’s soul and purpose in life. He taught me early on to protect those who can’t protect themselves, as well as those closest to you, at any cost.  To be the gentleman. And to mow the lawn in two directions.  He continues to give me great advice and support to this day–always there for me and my family.  I’m truly thankful for that now, and always will be.

A classic tribute to all of us, Dads. We’ve got the best gig going with our cherished kids.

The Dad Life…

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