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Welcome to the REEL BRIEF.com website!  I’d like to use my first blog post to explain why I started this site and describe a few things that I believe set my movie reviews apart from most of the others.  My goal for this website is straightforward and to the point: I hope it provides you both enjoyment and information.

I believe moviegoers want a place to read brief movie reviews; without spoilers or play-by-play paragraphs of every scene.  I also think movie lovers want a Grading system that’s easy to understand.

Here’s what REEL BRIEF.com provides:

– I provide you with movie reviews that are concise.  I refuse to rehash an entire movie over 8 to 12 paragraphs.  I strive to keep my reviews succinct and limit them to 6 sentences or less.

– In this world of instant information at our fingertips, my condensed movie reviews facilitate our social media 24/7 news culture where we want our information now!  Like, yesterday.  These quick synopses will allow you to gather and read them quickly, saving you precious time.  REEF BRIEF.com movie reviews can be viewed on mobile device screens without having to scroll from page to page.  You’ll be able to read a single movie review on a single page.

My reviews will never include spoilers. It takes a special skill to write about movies and not get too specific regarding plots, scenes, and surprise endings.  Moviegoers should be able to read a movie review and not have it ruin their theater or in-home viewing experience.

– I assign my movies with a Letter Grade, which everyone can relate to.  The ‘5-stars’ Grading system is difficult to distinguish ‘very good’ from just ‘good’. Even less effective than the ‘5-star’ rating system for movies is the ‘1-10 scale’; where anything below a 6 is really just calling a bad movie by another name.  However, people do understand a B+ from a B- with ease.

– Lastly, I waste my time and money watching horrible movies so you don’t have to.

Thank you for visiting this website.  I hope you enjoy my blog and find my movie reviews worth your valuable time.

– Patrick

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