World’s Greatest Popcorn Recipe (and it’s Healthy!)

Fellas, master this technique and you’ll have your lady eating popcorn outta your hands by night’s end.  But the best part…NO BUTTER REQUIRED!

Let’s face it, lousy movie popcorn can ruin your film experience faster than poor sound or a teen combat texting inside a theater. Proper equipment isn’t just necessary in golf, NASCAR, and barbecuing; it also applies to making delicious home-made popcorn; discontinue using microwave popcorn and purchase this no-nonsense, Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker ($24.99):

Whirley Pop

NOTE: The looks of this thing in your kitchen will have your neighbors begging to know what you do with it?  Not this, unfortunately.

Here’s my 4-minute popcorn recipe for you to enjoy and take all the credit for!  You’re welcome.

Patrick’s Sure-Fire Popcorn Recipe (that’s also Healthy!)

1.  Place Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker on stove and turn heat to just above the MEDIUM setting (rotate dial up to about 60% of the HIGH setting on stove).  Pre-heat the Whirley Pop for 1-MINUTE on the stove BEFORE placing in the oil & popcorn so it gives you faster popping and better tasting popcorn.

2.  Add 2 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I use Pompeian) into the Whirley Pop.

3.  Quickly follow the oil by adding ½ cup of popcorn to the Whirley Pop.  There’s no need to use this guy’s popcorn or other more expensive corn–I use these Jolly Time popcorn kernels by the bag.

4.  Follow the Whirley Pop instructions and slowly turn the handle (approximately one turn/every 2 seconds) after placing the popcorn inside the Whirley Pop.

5.  Listen for the sound of the popcorn kernels to start popping.  Keep turning handle.

6.  After a few minutes you’ll know the popcorn is done when the popping either stops for 2-3 seconds or the popcorn begins to spill out the Whirley Pop’s lid and escape.  When either of these events occur, remove Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker from stove (and turn stove to ‘OFF’).

7.  Pour popcorn into large bowl.

8.  Sprinkle and mix in 2-3 pinches of Sea Salt throughout popcorn in bowl.  Add more Sea Salt if necessary.


Serves:   2 people

Total Calories:  680 cal.

Homework: The Health Benefits of Popcorn


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